Welcome to Everton SA: No training Saturday 30th August all groups/sqauds

Disruption to training all groups/squads -Saturday 30th August

No training Saturday 30 August 2014 for all groups/squads as the knowsley pool is hosting the first round of the Echo Cup swimming galas - apologies for any inconvenience caused and good luck to our junior swimmers taking part in the event!

Everton SA Fun Day - Thank you

Massive thanks to all of you who turned out to support our fundraising event. Despite the rain we managed to have a great laugh and raise some much needed funds for our celebrations next year.
With yours, and your friends and families generosity we raised £211.05
Many thanks to all our helpers because without you, this event would not have been so successful.

Summer Training Schedule - All Groups/Squads

Important Notice - British Swimming Proposed Changes

Please take the time to read the British Swimming Proposal. The proposed changes to British Swimming will take effect from 2015.  The coaches have considered the changes. This will affect the competitions that a swimmer enters in future as there are major changes to the age groups that can enter competitions going forward. Please consult with your respective coach if you have specific questions.

Congratulations to Amber Allford

Huge congratulations to Amber Allford (Inter A Squad) who has qualified for this years Open Age Nationals by achieving the 50m Breaststroke qualification time. Amber twice went under the national qualification time at the North West Youth Champs and won a Silver medal in the final. Well Done Amber from everyone at the club, good luck at NATIONALS!

Important Notice for LTS, Group 1 and Group 2 - Sunday's

Learn to Swim will be on a Sunday afternoon from 4:30pm - 5pm (knowsley Pool - Huyton)

Group 1 will be on Sunday morning from 10:30am - 11:30am (knowsley Pool - Huyton)

Group 2 will be on Sunday morning from 10:30am - 11:30am (knowsley Pool - Huyton)


Everton SA 2014 Calella Swim Camp

Day 1

Well the end of our first day and what an eventful day it was! Lots of brilliant swimming in a beautiful facility.

First sessions was a tough one, lots of fly, which came as a big shock to some people but all managed well with a total of 5600, not bad for a mornings work in a lovely warm pool with the sun on our backs! 
After a lovely breakfast, we went for stroll down to the beach which is only 80m away! Sean pointed out the lovely dunes that surrounded us and the swimmers decided to bury Jacob! Let's hope he's got out by now! (Videos to come!!!) we then had a little lie by the hotel pool and Daniel, Amy F and Livi couldn't stay out the water! 
After our lunch, session 2 began at 2pm with race pace! 6 sets of 4x50s, all swimmers performing this really well, ending the session with a total of 5700m. Back to the hotel, we had a lovely relax and some of our more studious swimmers did their revision! Washed and brushed up for a nice evening meal and our daily team meeting in which Alice was named swimmer of the day! 
Swimmers will be in bed at 9.30pm ready for an early start at 6.10am

Day 2

Second day syndrome over! We woke up in the dark this morning and was cloudy but cool for the swimmers during the first set! Lots of kick and pull during the morning totalling with 6200m! 
We retuned from the pool with a lovely breakie and the swimmers had a few hours to themselves! When the sun came out about half 10, Paul, Dan, Amy F, Livi and Fin treated us to a pool show, jumping and singing 'ESA on tour in Calella'! Britians got talent here we come... Some swimmers went with Hannah on a walk along the beach and further into Calella town whilst others rested and chilled out! 
The afternoon followed with a tough 6400m set in the heat of the day! All were sun creamed up but we've ended up with some great tan lines around the faces! The swimmers finished this afternoon with a full 45 minute stretch out set in the well equipped gym facility... We've learnt some aren't as flexible as they think... 
Returning to their rooms around 5pm, some swimmers went out for more tuck shop treats from they cheapest supermarket around! All met up for evening meal and team meeting, it was unanimous decision by the coaches that our swimmer of the day is Ewan Denton. 
Swimmers are all safely tucked up in bed.
Day 3
The day started really well with a nice mixed session of 50s, kick and pull! The swimmers worked really hard and swam into the sunlight finishing with a grand total of 5600m. 
Some swimmers were absolutely knackered so went to beds clouding the coaches... Others who were more adventurous went on a walk and a hunt for skipping ropes! You should have seen the smile on Jacobs face when he was presented with his! ;)
After a hearty peaceful lunch, we headed off for our second session of the day, for the most loved session of all, 30 x 100s critical speed! All swimmers taking part were truly fantastic and were rewarded with an hour of Tony Sharp Spin Class in our very own Spin Studio. Tony did us a route round Liverpool and all lights were on green and the caretaker from St Edwards chased us across the grass! Even the coaches participated and we all worked so hard we steamed up the glass in the room! We are awaiting the report of sore bums in the morning! 
After a very slow and awkward walk back to the hotel (we have got their quicker spinning), some decided to go for a final walk for provisions and the revision classes continued! After another lovely meal, we held our daily team meeting where Sean Keyes was presented with swimmer of the day. But that was not his only surprise, he was given the news that he has been selected for the North West Waterpolo Team to represent them in an International Tournament in Rotterdam in July. Congratulations to him!
The kids have gone off to bed now all tired and tanned. Bye for now! Report back tomorrow, same time, same place.

Day 4

Evening everyone.
Bet you're not as relaxed as we are after our wonderful day in Calella! We woke up in the dark once again and the swimmers were eager to get into the pool to do a recovery set. They handled this very well and totalled 6100m and were calm, relaxed and happy. The sun came up so the whole group went for a half an hour walk to the beach, the dunes were out again as well as the para gliders. The swimmers had their own competition who could skim the rocks into the sea and this time they didn't bury Jacob! We went shopping for supplies and came back to a hearty lunch. 
After a short relaxation period and off to the pool we went again. The swimmers were the only ones in the pool, swimming in sunshine! It was so hot some swimmers wore their t shirt and they will all be in them tomorrow afternoon. After completing a 6200m session, we headed off to the beautiful spa. Everyone came out floating... Relaxed and happy, especially the coaches! 
Tonight was THE night to be in Calella, Quiz Night! Swimmers were divided into Tony's Twinkles, Big Alf and Hyland Warriors for the battle with the Warriors coming out on top with a massive 19/22.. Followed closely by Big Alf on 17 and Tony's Twinkles on 15! All swimmers joined in and had a lot of fun! Some of the them took it more seriously than others but definitely not as serious as the coaches... 
Tonight's team meeting saw Finley Hampson crowned swimmer of the day which was truly deserved. Swimmers are all in bed and were happy to be!
Buenas Noches
Day 5
Hiya, us again... I bet you're made up to hear from Sunny Spain... On the edge of your seats waiting for our latest update! The swimmers were delighted to start the date with 16 x 200 critical, imagine their faces! All performed well and coaches were delighted with the outcome of the set. The whole session gave the swimmers another 6100m to add to their total. 
Because the coaches were so happy with the swimmers, the allowed them an hours nap ;), all swimmers are now understanding the need to rest properly in between sessions. After lunch, we walked the long trail to the pool (50m) were the skipping started again and the laughter before the session started. A great session was done by all with a total of 6050m.
Just to show how proud we were of the swimmers, we sent them to another one of Tony 's spin class. Today the route included 10 hills, 1 minute long with only 30 seconds rest. Tony went round and turned all their bikes to maximum, ensuring a lot of red faces and sweaty swimmers. Including Tony himself!
After the spin session, most of our sweaty swimmers went for a lovely walk to catch the evening breeze before tea. Team meeting began at the usual time, where as usual Jacob made us laugh and we ended the day on a positive note with Paul Pimblett being swimmer of the day. 

Best wishes, Hannah, Angela, Tony (Dr Spin) and Angela 

Day 6

Evening all, we start with some very sad news, we are returning the kids tomorrow! :D today was a beautiful sunny day in Calella after some rain during the night! Kids were up bright early today, eager to go ! Another fine session was done by all, the grand total of 5800, completed for the morning. After training we had a lovely breakfast and then quiet time in our own rooms. 

Up again for lunch and well rested, off fort he final pool session of the week. The kids were amazing, they flew through another 4700m and everyone was relieved to have finished the swimming, only to find out they had Tony Dr Spin himself for a 45 minute stretch session. 

Some last minute shopping was done by some then with a wash and spruce up, we went out to tea. Some of the swimmers were even rewarded and were allowed to have Coke. We had a lovely dinner in the centre of Calella, everyone had their favourite meals, including dessert. 

After a nice stroll back to the hotel, we held our team meeting out on the terrace, finishing off the week with a little celebration. Swimmer of the day was awarded to Amy a Flanagan. Swimmer of the week was awarded to Emily Sharp for constant efforts in every aspect of the camp. You may be surprised to know that your little darlings have completed a grand total of 70750m this week. What a great achievement! You should be very proud of them, as we are. 

Thank you all for your support with this, it's been an amazing occasion for all! 

See you all Monday early hours. Tony, Angela, Angela and Hannah


Everton Park Sports Centre - Pool Closure

Liverpool City Council recently announced that Everton Park Sports Centre  is to close under the council cut backs for 2014. As a club we have competed at the pool for many years and it holds fond memories for us.  We have been asked as a club to support the campaign to try to keep the pool open by signing the petition as explained in the attached link. The more signatures the better !!! www.sinkorswim.org.uk


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Important Dates for your Diary

Here we will provide important upcoming dates for galas and other club events. Please make a note of these dates and we invite all swimmers to enter any galas for which they are applicable or for which they have qualifying entry times. 

Date Event
Sat 30th Aug 2014 Echo Cup R1 - Knowsley Pool
Sun 7th Sept 2014 Micro League Final - Blackpool
Sat 13th Sept 2014 Tadpoles - Knowsley Pool
Sat 20th Sept 2014 Tadpoles - Knowsley Pool
Sat 27th Sept 2014 Echo Cup R2 - Knowsley Pool
Sat 25th Oct 2014 Echo Cup Final - Knowsley Pool